Valencia hotels to celebrate Las Fallas

In March every year Valencia celebrates the end of the winter in Spain and the beginning of spring with fireworks all over the city. This year the festival takes place from 15th to 19th March with bonfires, fireworks and Valencia’s own interpretation of fireworks displays known as “Las Fallas” or the fires.  Colourful papier-mâché giants constantly parade through the centre of this city on the eastern coast of Spain. The sculptures normally make fun of famous national and international people like politicians, movie stars or just local personalities. Some of them are charming but others can be grotesque and they can reach a height of thirty metres.

The Origin of the Fallas festival dates back to the Middle Ages when carpenters and artisans celebrated the end of the winter in Spain by clearing out their workshops by burning planks of wood which had been used during the winter to hold candles.  They would throw out all the old bits of wood and candles and light them on the street to celebrate the arrival of spring and the religious Festival of Saint Joseph, which is celebrated on 19th March in Spain.

Every day at two o’clock in the afternoon from the beginning of the month until 19th of March fireworks and firecrackers can be seen and heard in the square in front of the Town Hall . The end of the festival starts with a spectacular firework display on March 18th. The next evening on the 19th March all the Fallas figures are then burnt all over the city in a unique festival of fire and flames not to be missed.

Due to the immense popularity of this festival most of the hotels in Valencia city centre are fully booked for the Fallas weekend but a few hotels still have rooms available. The NH Abashiri hotel is 800 metres from Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences and just 2km from the centre of Valencia. At the time of writing a double room is available for two nights from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th March for 396€. The hotel Valencia Centre is 3 km from the city centre but only 10 minutes away as there is a metro station to help you quickly reach the city centre and the airport. There is also a bus stop opposite the hotel and it is only 5 minutes to the beach. The Valencia Centre has double rooms available from 18th to 20th March for 466.56€ per room for two nights. The rate including breakfast is 509.76€.

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