Valencia hotels obtain certificate for disabled guests

The Aqua 3 and Aqua 4 hotels in Valencia have just received the Certificate of Universal Accessibility from the Association of Standardization in Spain, AENOR. Both hotels belong to the Confortel hotel group in Spain. The addition of the award to these two hotels now brings to ten the total number of hotels in Spain belonging to Confortel that possess the distinction. Besides these two hotels in Valencia, the company has eight other hotels in Spain with accessibility certificates: Confortel Suites Madrid, Confortel Barcelona, Confortel Auditori, Confortel Almirante, Confortel Bel Art (all in Barcelona) and Confortel Puerta de Triana in Seville which obtained their certificates in 2009. Confortel Alcalá Norte in Madrid got the certificate a year earlier. The Confortel Pio XII also in Madrid became, in 2007, the first tourist establishment in Spain to receive the Certificate of Universal Accessibility from AENOR.

The granting of the Certificate of Universal Accessibility by Aenor guarantees to any person, with or without disabilities, equal access and enjoyment of the services provided by any given establishment in Spain. Confortel has become a pioneer in the promotion of accessible tourist facilities for guests with disabilities and intends to continue introducing new technical up-grades to many of its hotels in Spain in this regard. Currently all the hotels in the Confortel group have fully adapted rooms for disabled guests, designed with the same aesthetic criteria as any other room in any hotel within the group.

The Confortel Aqua 3 hotel was built in 2006 and it has 135 rooms. Confortel Aqua 4 has 184 rooms.  They are located in the shopping area the Aqua Center in the new part of the city of Valencia, just opposite the City of Arts and Sciences and the Oceanografic Marine park. They are only 2 km from the historic centre of Valencia and 1 km from the port. Guests can enjoy both local cuisine and food from other parts of Spain in the Michelin star restaurant on the top floor.

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