Tenerife still hot favourite for Brits

A new report shows that Tenerife is the destination of choice for summer holidays among travellers from the UK. According to an analysis of hotel reservations in Tenerife, British holidaymakers have chosen the island ahead of many other popular holiday resorts like Cyprus, Turkey, Majorca or other resorts in Spain.

A minister for tourism from the local government in the Canary Islands, José Manuel Bermúdez, pointed out that “this is very new good news for the tourism market in Tenerife. The number of reservations made by British holidaymakers to hotels in Tenerife this summer has increased by 300 percent in relation to the figures recorded during the peak summer months last year”. The councillor added that “this is a clear sign that Tenerife and its excellent hotels remain the preferred destination in Spain for British tourists. The holiday experience we are able to offer our guests is simply the strongest in Europe”.

The number of British guests staying in the hotels on Tenerife during the first six months of 2010 amounted to a total of 730,597 which represents an increase of some 3.06 percent over the same period last year. However, the summer season was particularly bad last year as would-be holidaymakers from the UK were put off from travelling due to a combination of fears over the economic crisis and a very weak pound which was almost at parity with the euro. This made European destinations like Tenerife more expensive than normal and many Brits obviously decided to stay at home last year. This year, however, Sterling has recovered by around 20 percent and this now makes destinations like Spain more affordable again.

Last year tourists from the UK occupied the top position among guests who travelled to the island of Tenerife from outside Spain. In 2009 some 1.43 million guests from the UK stayed in hotels and apartments in Tenerife. This figure was only just surpassed by domestic tourists from other parts of Spain with 1.45 million Spaniards having spent a night in Tenerife hotels during 2009.

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