Tenerife hotels recognised in TUI Holly awards

The TUI Holly awards have recognized seven hotels in Tenerife as being among the top 100 establishments in the world. Every Autumn since 1994 TUI has arranged an annual celebration to award the 100 most popular holiday hotels with a TUI Holly. Every year the German tourism industry carries out half a million surveys so that TUI guests can decide which hotels can count themselves among the top 100 in the international holiday hotel trade. The TUI Holly can therefore be seen as a guarantee of very high guest satisfaction levels and can be an important sales tool to promote the selected hotels in both travel agencies and the Internet. Indeed, TUI say that hotels that have won a Holly, have been able to increase bookings by up to 35 percent.

Carlos Alonso, Minister of the Tourist board in Tenerife, said in a statement that obtaining these awards was simply an acknowledgement of the constant hard work that hoteliers do to offer visitors the “highest quality”, and they highlight the effort that the Tenerife Tourist board makes to ensure the island retains a reputation as a “competitive leader destination”. The Minister added that these awards should also be used to encourage other establishments on the island that want to provide high quality service and attention to tourists.

The Tenerife hotels that received the TUI Holly Awards this year are the Gran Hotel Roca Nivaria, Hotel Atlantis Park, Botanical Hotel, Hotel Colon Guanahani, Hotel Nivaria Gardens, the Rui Garoé Hotel and the Hotel Tigaiga.  The Tigaiga, which is located in Puerto de la Cruz, received the highest recognition from the German tour operator as a model hotel for its environmental management. Ursula Talg, co-owner of Hotel Tigaiga, highlighted the “great achievement” the award represents for the hotel complex which is recognition of the hard the work that they have been doing in recent years.

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