Tenerife hotels pass the two million guest mark

During the first six months of this year the hotels in Tenerife received a total of 2,471,622 guests which represents an increase of some 6.8 percent over the same period in 2010. These figures were produced by the Local Government of the island and agreed by the research arm of the Department of Tourism in Tenerife which went on to highlight that the results were positive both in hotels, which are up 8.7 percent, and other types of accommodation which are also up around 3.8 percent.

The positive headline numbers for the first six months of 2011, however, mask a more worrying trend among tourists coming from other parts of Spain. The total of 577,464 visitors who arrived from mainland Spain during the period actually represents a decline of 14.7 percent over last year and goes some way to reflect the depth of the economic crisis currently gripping Spain.

On the other hand, the number of foreign visitors arriving in Tenerife increased by 15.6 percent during the period reaching 1,894,158. Two main areas were the main benefactors of this growth in the number of foreign visitors coming to the island. The hotels in the north of the island received some 21 percent of foreign clients whilst the hotels in the ever popular south of the island received 15.1 percent of the business from outside Spain.

Carlos Alonso, the chief executive of the Tourism Department of Tenerife, underlined the “excellent” progress that Tenerife is making in developing foreign markets, especially France, Italy and Russia. “This increase in the number of visitors is benefiting the two main tourist areas of the island, the positive data with regard to occupancy levels is good news for the hotels of Tenerife because it points to the beginnings of a recovery in the tourist industry.”

The three main international markets for Tenerife all showed an increase in the amount of tourists coming to the island during the first six months of the year. Some 767,677 British guests visited Tenerife during the period which is up 6.4 percent, whilst the number of German visitors increased by 11.2 percent to 295,990. Guests from Nordic countries also increased their presence by 37.3 percent reaching a total of 285,298. The statistics also displayed good results in markets like France, which was up an impressive 60.6 percent, Russia up 42 percent, Italy up 42.6 percent, Eastern Europe up 23.5 percent and the Netherlands up 15.1 percent.

Between January and June there were in total 19,552,115 overnight stays in the hotels of Tenerife, an increase of 13.1 percent on last year. As for occupancy rates, they reached 61.9 percent in the period, an increase of nearly 16 percent. The number of guests staying in the hotels in the south of Tenerife increased by 8.8 percent reaching a grand total of 1,977,534 whilst the hotels in the north of the island received some 393,855 guests, a figure only slightly higher (up 0.2%) than in the first half of last year

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