Positive start to year for hotels in Malaga

The hotels in Malaga have recorded an encouraging increase of more than 84,000 visitors and 237,000 overnight stays during the first four months of the year when compared to the same period last year. April delivered particularly good results due to the Easter holidays in Spain falling in this month this year. This improvement means that Malaga is now entering the high summer season having recorded a rise of 8.2 percent in the number of tourists visiting the area and a rise of 6.5 percent in the number of hotel stays. These numbers have filled those involved in the hotel sector in Malaga with optimism.

The Minister of Tourism, Trade and Sport of the Andalusian government, Luciano Alonso, recently highlighted this positive trend in the hotel sector in Malaga and went on to state that this was reflected in a wider increase in overnight stays of more than 6 percent in the whole of Andalusia during the first quarter of the year and 11 percent in the month of April. These figures, released by the National Statistics Institute in Spain (INE), in the opinion of Mr Alonso point to a clear “recovery of the hotel sector” and are a harbinger of “good prospects for the high season”.

During Easter Malaga received almost 1,454,000 tourists and registered 426,107 overnight stays in the hotels of the area which is an improvement of 13 percent over the figures for April 2010. Mr Alonso also pointed out that the data in relation to overnight stays in April 2011 were the best ever recorded by INE in hotels in Malaga for that month. Mr Alonso went on to explain that Andalusia increased the number of hotel stays thanks to an increase in the number of international visitors arriving in the area which went up by 14.1 percent over last year compared to a relatively flat domestic market which only grew by 0.66 percent.

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