Malaga second most popular tourism destination in Spain

Malaga ended 2010 near the top of the hotel occupancy tables in Spain and it also became the second most popular city in Spain after Barcelona for cultural getaways and as a ‘city break’ destination.

The Councillor for Tourism and Sport for Malaga, Elias Bendodo, after analysing the data from last year, stated that tourism is not in crisis in the city but the crisis does have an impact on the tourist industry in Malaga. During last year a total of 853,481 guests stayed in hotels in Malaga, representing an increase of 14.35% over 2009 and 8.9% over 2008, which was the best year ever for tourism in Malaga. The average stay has also increased and it is now 1.85 days, which Bendodo credited to the cultural offering and museums in the city of Malaga.

Although the hotels in Malaga have a regular number visitors throughout the whole year it was during the months of July, August and September when there was a marked increase in the amount of guests who stayed overnight in the hotels of this part of Spain. Bendodo stated that “We were the number one destination in Andalusia for cultural getaways in 2010 and second only to Barcelona at national level in all of Spain”.

54.1 percent of all guests who stayed in the hotels of Malaga in 2010 were Spanish, which is an increase of almost 5%. However, the number of foreign visitors has been the fastest growing sector, with 28.1% more visitors and 24.9% hotel guests from abroad being registered in 2010 than in 2009. The United Kingdom remains the largest source of foreign visitors to this area in Spain with 63,430 tourists, up 13.17% from 2009. Tourists from Germany and France follow the United Kingdom and then the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland. The Internet is the main tool used by tourists wishing to visit the capital of the Costa del Sol, and before travelling the majority use the web to book their hotels and get information about the city.

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