Majestic hotels and Murmuri hotels help families visiting Barcelona

Visiting Barcelona with children will now be much easier for guests who choose to stay at Hotel Murmuri or the Majestic Hotel & Spa, as both establishments are providing a ‘Bugaboo Bee’ pram for guests who arrive with children. With the introduction of this service, Majestic and Murmuri hotels are striving to make things easier for people who go to Barcelona with babies or young children, an increasingly common trend in recent years. The aim is that parents are not obliged to bring their own buggy.

Guests may request their Bugaboo at the time of booking or on arrival in the hotel reception. In addition to this new service, Majestic Hotel & Spa and the Hotel Murmuri also offer families with young children other facilities designed to make their stay at the hotels more comfortable, like a baby-sitting service and a VIK (Very Important Kids) set, comprising cot, bathrobes, slippers and teddy bears.

After nearly a century of experience, Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona is now a classic among the hotels of Barcelona. Movie stars, artists, politicians, sports figures and business men have all stayed there over the years and have been able to take advantage of the quality of its facilities and the professionalism of its discreet and effective service.

Murmuri Hotel Barcelona is a cosmopolitan hotel which opened its doors in March 2008 but has already managed to become one of the highest rated hotels in Barcelona. Decorated by renowned interior designer Kelly Hoppen, its 53 rooms exude classic elegance, energy and creativity.

The Majestic Hotel Group is a historic hotel group founded by the Soldevila Casals family in 1918 and made up of five hotels, of which four are in Barcelona. Its original core and flagship is the five star Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona, which was later joined by the three star Hotel Inglaterra hotel in the city centre.

Since 2008 the group has two new unique establishments in the heart of the Barcelona: the boutique -hotel, which also includes the Murmuri Apartments Residence and the innovative Denit hotel, a night & breakfast establishment aimed at young and cosmopolitan guests. The food quality is a top priority for the Majestic Hotel Group, as evidenced by its two restaurants run by renowned chef Fermí Puig: the Drolma, has already been awarded one Michelin star, and the new Petit Comité, opened in 2009 .

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