Madrid and Catalonia have most expensive hotels in Spain

According to the Hotel Price Index (THPI) study conducted by the travel portal Trivago.es for the month of June, the hotels in Madrid are currently the second most expensive in Spain coming in at an average of €105 per night after the hotels in the autonomous region of Catalonia. This latest study confirms Catalonia and Madrid as the two areas with the most expensive hotels in Spain. Staying in a Catalan hotel costs on average €126 per night and along with the €105 a night in Madrid confirms these as the most expensive rates in the country.

These figures are closely followed by hotels prices in the Basque Country and the Balearic Islands where spending a night in a hotel will set you back on average €97. Valencia comes next with an average price of €92. The latter two regions showed the highest price increase recorded since the month of May and in the Balearic Islands hotel rates went up by 22 percent and in Valencia by 11 percent. In relation to the big cities Barcelona is once again the city with the highest hotel rates, costing on average €140 per night.

On the other hand, the cheapest hotels in Spain to stay in during the month of June are in Aragon, where a night costs around €68. Next come the Canary Islands at €71, then come the areas of Extremadura and Murcia which are both priced at €73 a night. Murcia is also one of the areas which has seen the biggest fall in hotel rates when compared to the previous month and are down some 9 percent. The biggest fall was recorded in Andalusia where hotel prices fell on average by 15 percent compared to May, down from €101 to just €86 per night. In Cordoba, for example, hotel rates fell by a full 36 percent, rates in Seville are down 33 by percent and in Granada they are down 17 percent, at €86, €91 and €76 respectively.

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