June price update for hotels in Spain

According to monthly pricing data released recently by a leading travel portal it looks like many hotels in Spain have lowered their prices for June in an attempt to attract business from home and abroad. The average price of an overnight stay in a Spanish hotel will set you back around €102 this month.

The price of €102 per night per double room means that prices all over Spain for June are down on average some 3 percent compared with last year. The most notable price decreases are to be found in northern areas, with hotels in Asturias, for example, dropping prices by a massive 20 percent, whilst in Cantabria hotel prices are reportedly down 18 per percent and in Galicia the price of hotels for June is down some 17 percent year on year.

These northern regions are followed by Valencia, which reported a decline of 13 percent, then Andalusia reporting an 11 percent drop, with prices in the Basque Country down 10 percent and the Canary Islands down 7 percent. Coastal areas of Catalonia are unique in that they are maintaining the same prices as in June 2012, and at an average of €132, are the most expensive places to book a hotel in Spain this month. The next most expensive hotels for spending the night in Spain this June are to be found on the Balearic islands, with an average price of €124.

Hotels in Asturias, Galicia and Murcia are currently the cheapest in Spain at an average price of €63, €65 and €67 respectively. Hotels in Cantabria are on average €70 per night, compared to €78 in the Canary Islands, €79 in Valencia and Andalusia and €94 per night in the Basque country. The most expensive beach hotels this month are to be found in Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and San Sebastian where a room will cost you an average of €157, €137 and €126 respectively. Cadiz is reporting average prices of €95 whilst hotels in Valencia and Malaga are costing around €77 per night. The most affordable coastal hotels are to be found in La Coruña where a night costs on average €56 followed by €65 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. A room in Alicante and Tarragona will cost around €72.

According to the report, released by Trivago, there has been a general decline in prices in all European hotels and, compared to the same month last year, only Greece now has lower rates than Spain with an average price of €92 per night. Cyprus remains more expensive than Spain with an average cost of €113 per night. Turkey has average rates of €137 and Italy remains the most expensive with an average price of €139.

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