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Guests in Tenerife hotels forecast to increase this summer

The prospects for the tourist sector in Tenerife for this summer are looking “good” according to the Hotel Association in Tenerife (Ashotel). The president of Ashotel, José Fernando Cabrera, said recently that he expects to see growth of around ten percent in the number of visitors to the island over the summer season.

According to the forecast produced by Ashotel occupancy rates could well rise between 5 and 8 percent in Tenerife with the overall average level of occupancy during the summer coming in at around 55 percent. Mr Cabrera said that, considering that Tenerife promotes itself as a winter sun destination, this is a very positive figure. Ashotel says it has worked hard to reinforce the campaign that was started last year to promote domestic tourism from within Spain.  Cabrera went on to point out that tourism is the only sector that is experiencing positive numbers and driving the economy of Tenerife.

“We’re getting more and more new clients every year but we cannot be too complacent. Tourists are increasingly demanding, better informed and seeking ever better services. Around 113 million tourists have come to Tenerife since 1977 and we have to keep improving our services and attracting more clients to thrive. Ashotel wants to drive the ...Click to read more about Tenerife Hotels

Tenerife hotels must exploit new technologies

According to a recent statement from the Tenerife Chamber of Commerce the marketing of “over 80 percent of the hotels in the Canary Islands is still in the hands of traditional distribution channels such as tour operators”.

However, the Tenerife Chamber also went on to point out that “nowadays eight out of ten tourists opt for new technologies when booking a holiday, especially German and British tourists who are at the top of the list when it comes to using the latest technologies not only for booking  flights and hotels but also for planning activities for their holidays”. The Chamber is convinced that new technologies offer the tourism industry in Tenerife endless possibilities both for attracting new customers and for developing communications channels to keep existing customers informed through social networks and blogs.

According to data from the Tourism Department of Tenerife, 7 out of 8 tourists travelling to the island use the Internet to plan their trips. Internet reservations rose from 47 percent in 2009 to 53 percent last year. More specifically, 49 percent booked their flights on-line and 39 percent booked their accommodation using the net. Regarding the impact of social networks in the tourism market, the Chamber of Commerce warned of the need for local businesses in ...Click to read more about Tenerife Hotels

Circuit of Tenerife and La Gomera opens at Golf Costa Adeje

The Local Government of Tenerife has officially launched the 5th edition of the Golf Circuit of Tenerife and La Gomera, a competition organized by the Association of Golf Courses in Tenerife (ACGT) and supported by the Department of Tourism of Tenerife, Iberostar Hotels and the Golf Federation of the Canary Islands. The competition begins on Saturday 18th June with the first round taking place at Golf Costa Adeje. The tournament runs from June through to October with a total of seven competitions held on courses belonging to the Association.

The tournament will continue with two rounds in July, one on 2nd and another on 30th, which take place in Golf del Sur and Tecina Golf on La Gomera respectively. The fourth round of the circuit will be held on August 20th at Abama Golf, while on 3rd and 17th September participants will gather at Buenavista Golf and Las Americas Golf courses. The grand finale will take place on October 1st in Golf del Sur.

The circuit is open to all amateurs, both Spanish and foreign nationals, aged 16 and over who have obtained a licence from the Royal Spanish Golf Federation. In each tournament the first three players classified will receive trophies in each category. The top 20 players classified ...Click to read more about Tenerife Hotels

Tenerife hotels encouraged to attract pink pound

Javier Checa, the president of Expogays in Spain, recently held a press conference in order to announce plans for this years’ Expogays exhibition. This year will see the second running of the International Fair for Gay Business and Tourism and will be held from 14 to 16 October in Torremolinos, Malaga. Mr Checa pointed out during the press conference that although Tenerife has more hotels than Ibiza, the latter destination is considered a “brilliant destination” for gay tourism, which is not currently true of Tenerife although it is an all-year-round sunshine destination.

Checa stated that the Canary islands have an advantage over other gay destinations such as Brazil as they are very “safe”, while in some of the more popular destinations in South America “you never know what might happen”.
However, concerns over safety are not enough on their own to attract clients and the hotels in Tenerife have to be innovative in the creation of establishments which can dispaly the “gay-friendly” sign and provide necessary conditions so that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people feel comfortable and at ease.

The website Reservasgay.com collaborates with some 261 “gay-friendly” businesses in the Canary Islands, 86 of which are located in Tenerife, 83 in Gran Canaria, 41 in Lanzarote, 25 in Fuerteventura, ...Click to read more about Tenerife Hotels

Sir Anthony Hotel Tenerife

The island of Tenerife with its eternal spring weather has a wide variety of exceptional, high quality hotels and resorts which can help make a holiday on the island an unforgettable experience at any time of the year.

One of these top quality hotels in Tenerife is the 5 star Sir Anthony Hotel located in the exclusive Mare Nostrum Resort complex in the popular Playa de las Americas in the south of the island. The hotel has recently been renovated and offers 70 exclusive and stylish rooms and suites, combining luxury and elegance and providing an oasis of tranquility on a privileged seafront location overlooking El Camison beach.

Guests staying at the Sir Anthony Hotel have exclusive access to the fresh water swimming pool and terrace located on the beach. The hotel offers a waiter service by the pool and guests are provided with towels and parasols free of charge.
Families with young children can use the Mare Nostrum resort facilities where there is a kids club with activities for children from six months to twelve years. Whilst the kids are being taken care of parents can have fun on the mini golf course, play tennis on the two artificial grass tennis courts, or even play football among other sports. ...Click to read more about Tenerife Hotels

Hotels in Costa Adeje grow 9.2% in 2011

Hotels in the Costa Adeje area of southern Tenerife experienced growth of 9.2 percent in the number of guests staying in the first two months of this year when compared with the same period last year. According to the Councillor for Tourism in Adeje, Miguel Angel Santos, the area of Adeje is now the main tourist destination in Tenerife and indeed the second most popular tourist area in all of the Canary Islands with more than a million tourists a year deciding to stay there.

Mr Santos pointed out that the five star hotels in Tenerife represented the part of the hotel sector that registered the greatest growth in the volume of bookings increasing by 12.2 percent in the period. “We now have above average occupation rates in the tourist accommodation sector in Adeje of some 69.7 percent and within this hotels have the best results with 83.25 percent occupancy rates as opposed to 54,74 percent in the apartment and aparthotel sector”. Mr Santos also indicated that the average tourist stay in Adeje is now 9.21 days, “this means that more tourists are visiting us and spending more time in this part of our island”.

The Councillor for Tourism explained that the conflicts in Tunisia and Egypt “have helped this ...Click to read more about Tenerife Hotels

Positive first quarter for Tenerife hotel sector

The number of tourists who stayed in the apartments and hotels in Tenerife during the first quarter of 2011 went up to 1,258,354 during the first quarter of 2011 which represents an increase of 8.8 percent over the same period in 2010. This is the highest rate of growth experienced in the tourism sector in Tenerife since 1999, according to data released by the chairman of the tourism department of Tenerife, Ricardo Melchior. Mr Melchior stated that the progress made by the hotels in Tenerife in the first quarter of the year is “very positive” and that occupancy rates, the number of arrivals and overnight stays have all increased. “Tenerife is one of the best tourist destinations in the world and in all of Spain only the Canary Islands and Catalonia have had positive results this year”. Tourists visiting Tenerife who were asked by the department of tourism to rate the island as a tourist destination gave, on average, a mark of 8.37 out of 10.

According to the tourism minister in Tenerife, José Manuel Bermúdez, “this increase is the highest recorded in this century”. The number of foreign guests rose by 15.5 percent reaching a total 1,034,760. There was a 2.7 percent increase in the number of tourists arriving ...Click to read more about Tenerife Hotels

The Abama Tenerife voted best resort in Spain

The Abama Golf & Spa Resort, located in the south of the island of Tenerife, has been voted the best resort in Spain by readers of luxury travel magazine Condé Nast. The hotel management consider the award to be a great form of recognition of the resort’s “impressive facilities and the excellence of its customer service which is the result of hard work by the whole team throughout the hotel and the entertainment options offered all year round”.

The Spanish version of the magazine recently held the third edition of the annual awards which are considered by many to be the most prestigious travel awards in Spain. Abama Golf & Spa Resort was the winner of the prize for best national resort, beating four other finalists, namely, the Dolce Sitges Hotel (Sitges, Barcelona), Le Meridien Ra Beach Hotel & Spa (El Vendrell, Tarragona), Almenara Golf Hotel & Spa (Sotogrande, Cadiz) and the Sheraton Salobre Golf Resort & Spa (Maspalomas, Gran Canaria).

The presentation of these awards has become a reference point for both tourism professionals and the general public in Spain as they recognise excellence in the tourism sector under various different categories, for example, the Best National and International Urban Hotel, the Best National and International Resort, the ...Click to read more about Tenerife Hotels

Tenerife hotels to benefit from Easter sun seekers

The president of the hotel Association of Tenerife, Ashotel, José Fernando Cabrera, has confirmed that the projected occupancy rates among the hotels of Tenerife for this Easter is 80 percent which will be the highest in recent years.

As for the remaining 2o percent as yet unsold rooms, Mr Cabrera stated that traditionally there are a number of rooms available in most hotels for those guests who wait to the last minute to book their holidays. “This means that some hotels that last week stated they were fully booked for Easter will have rooms available now”. He advised that “anyone who wants to spend a sunny Easter holiday should consider Tenerife, as there are still many hotels in Tenerife with availability”. Cabrera stated that while occupancy levels among hotels in Tenerife is expected to fall back during the months of May and June, they should remain about 10 percent better than last year.

The hotels in Tenerife are showing these good results despite the fact that the Easter holiday falls very late in Spain this year, meaning many of the Spanish summer destinations like the Balearic Islands will begin their season a little earlier to take advantage of the good weather and they are sure to offer very competitive ...Click to read more about Tenerife Hotels

Overnight stays in Tenerife hotels increase in February

Hotels in Tenerife recorded a total of 413,304 guests during the month of February representing an increase of 11.8 percent over the same month last year. The figures come from provisional data prepared by the Council of Tenerife and reviewed by the Research Department of Tourism Tenerife. The data show positive results among Tenerife hotels which mean that overall business is up by 8 percent over 2010.

José Manuel Bermúdez, the minister for tourism in the Tenerife local government, stated that: “This phenomenal growth in February was due in large part to the effects of the crises in the countries of North Africa. Spain is now seen as a much safer destination and we estimate that the recent political instability in North Africa has diverted a total of some 140,625 tourists to Tenerife”.

However, even under normal circumstances, it looks like the results for the month of February would have been positive anyway, but obviously at a much more moderate level. Mr Bermúdez explained, “although there is significant progress to make us feel optimistic about the recovery of tourism in Tenerife, we must continue working hard to attract new visitors to this part of Spain”.

The number of visitors from other parts of Spain during the period actually showed a ...Click to read more about Tenerife Hotels