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Benidorm hotel occupancy up on 2009

The Association of Hotel Owners on the Costa Blanca, HOSBEC, published a report on the 03 June outlining the results achieved by the organisations members for the month of May. According to the report Benidorm hotels posted a slight improvement in occupancy rates compared with the previous year. In 2009 the occupancy rate was 74.2% and this year that increased to 74.7%. This half  point increase was achieved in spite of the fact that in the last two weeks of the month the occupancy rate was slightly less than the previous year at 77%, down from 77.6% in 2009. Nevertheless, in the first fortnight of May, 72.5 of every 100 beds were occupied, almost two percentage points higher than the year before.

The figures supplied by HOSBEC show that in the second fortnight of the month the overnight stays were distributed equally between domestic guests from Spain and those from other countries. Among foreign guests the highest percentage came from the United Kingdom, which remains the “most important” international market representing 37% of the total stays in Benidorm. After the Spanish and British guests come Belgians (5.8%), Dutch (3.2%), French (1.9%) and Portuguese (1.1%).

By type of establishment, two star hotels reached 90% occupancy during the last fotnight of ...Click to read more about Benidorm Hotels

Benidorm Hotels ask the Government to intervene against Marsans

The sale of the troubled tour operator Viajes Marsans is beginning to worry the owners of Benidorm hotels. Antonio Mayor, the president of Hosbec, yesterday demanded a “quick intervention” from the Government against the Company presided over by Gerardo Díaz Ferrán, who is also president of the Confederation of Business Organisations in Spain (CEOE). According to the Benidrom hotel owners the situation is “almost unsustainable” given that Marsans is “one of the main tour operators in Spain and controls a large amount of the business in holiday accommodation”. The paralysis that the travel agent is currently experiencing means that the hotel sector on the Costa Blanca could suffer a strong reversal just before the beginning of the key summer season in Spain. Mr Mayor predicted that Marsans could become the “Lehman Brothers of tourism in Spain” and went on to say that the troubled travel agent is a “real volcano whose eruption could have devastating consequences”.

According to some provisional calculations carried out by Hosbec, the amount of credit outstanding from Marsans to members of the hotel association in Benidorm could be as much as five million euro, although Mr Mayor went on to say that “this figure could be a lot higher if we take into account ...Click to read more about Benidorm Hotels

Benidorm Boutique Hotel voted amongst best in Europe

The boutique hotel Villa Venecia, the only five star establishment located within the old town of Benidorm, is now one of the most highly-valued hotels in Spain, a recent survey of European Internet users has found. The Benidorm hotel is among the top 1% of best hotels anywhere according to the travel portal Trivago.

The changes in tourist accommodation distribution channels and the growing importance of the opinions that guests have of hotels mean that the reviews that the Villa Venecia has been receiving play a very special part in the development of its so-called “on-line” reputation. It is widely recognised that this is now a key factor used by potential clients when determining where to stay in Spain.

The hotel surroundings, the fact that it is right by the sea, the originality and quality of its food and the themes of its rooms have made this small establishment in Spain a very attractive prospect for its users whose opinions have positioned it amongst the best hotels in Europe.

The Benidorm Villa Venecia has from the outset promoted itself as a “top quality hotel”, it has the ISO 9001 quality certificate and has been made an associate member of the Institute of Hotel Technology thanks to ...Click to read more about Benidorm Hotels

Benidorm Hotels face up to the crisis

The best “Mirador” (Vantage point) on Costa Blanca has to be the one at the top of the Gran Hotel Bali in Benidorm which is visited by over 40,000 people each year. They are attracted to its panoramic roof top to admire the outstanding views from its unique location.

This prestigious 4 Star establisment belongs to one of the principle hotel chains in Benidorm, the Bali Group, who also own the 4 star Benidorm Centre and 3 star Hotel Cabana.

Joaquín Perez Cano, spokesperson of the Company, stated that the Bali Group is facing the economic recession in Spain by “reducing their costs, trying to increase their sales and reaching agreements with their financial organisations. We’ve had to launch products onto the market to try and stimulate demand whilst reducing our staff  to levels which are appropriate for current market activity in Spain”.

According to Perez Cano “the occupancy rate in our hotels in 2009 was 70% while in previous years we always reached 80%.  The fall in the British tourist market has affected not only Benidorm hotels but also hotels in the rest of Spain.  This is due mainly to the weakness of the British currency”.

The  Bali Group has a huge advantage over other hotels in Benidorm ...Click to read more about Benidorm Hotels

Benidorm Hotels thanked by British Travel Agents

The Association of  Hotel Owners of Benidorm and the Costa Blanca (HOSBEC) today confirmed that they received the thanks of British Tour operators for the way they handled the recent crisis in the travel sector in Spain. HOSBEC were keen to remind us that the cancelation of flights due to the eruption of the volcano in Iceland “affected thousands of British tourists” who were on holiday in Benidorm hotels and other parts of the Costa Blanca.

The Federation of Tour Operators (FTO), apart from expressing “most sincere thanks”, went on to point out that the hotels of Benidorm and the Costa Blanca ” exceeded all expectations with regard to the support and services they provided both to their guests and the tour operators”.

These congratulations come after more than 2,500 British tourists left Benidorm last Tuesday in 51 coaches destined for Calais in order to get passage home becasue of the suspension of all flights. According to HOSBEC sources, the British tour operators received “hundreds of letters from the repatriated tourists” thanking those who took charge of managing the logistical repatriation operation to deal with the “crisis” casued by the lack of airline connections to and from Spain. HOSBEC went on to say that the repatriated ...Click to read more about Benidorm Hotels

Benidorm hotels 95% full over May bank holiday


Although not all the hotels in Benidorm could hang up the “no vacancies” card the occupation levels were “similar” to last year, according to the president of Hosbec, Antoni Mayor. Hosbec is the hotel association of Benidorm and the Costa Blanca and the results for the May bank holiday have raised the spirits of those working in the sector in Spain. Once more Benidorm topped the rankings with hotels in the resort reporting 95% ocupancy rates. The hotel establishments in the rest of the Costa Blanca reported 80% occupancy levels. Mr Mayor indicated that these latest figures were similar to Easter which was saved, thanks in the main, to a rush of last-minute bookings in hotels in Spain.

It appears the expectation of good weather encouraged tourists to head for the coastal areas in the community of Valencia and on the Saturday of the bank holiday many bathers were present on the beaches seeking their first dip of the year in the sea.

Eduardo Ferreres, president of the Tourism Federation of Castellon, stated in Las Provincias that business people active in the tourism sector in the Castellon area were “very happy” with the situation and, although tourists in Spain were making their reservations later and later, many hotels ...Click to read more about Benidorm Hotels

Benidorm Hotel Group wins Excellence Award

Hotels Servigroup based in the Costa Blanca area of Spain has recently received 4 “Marque of Excellence” Awards from tour operator Thomas Cook. The awards recognise the high levels of quality noted by Thomas Cook’s customers during their stay at Servigroup’s hotels in Spain during 2008, namley – the Servigoup Nereo, Servigroup Calypso, Servigroup Venus and Servigroup Orange.

To mark the occasion Thomas Cook wanted to do something special so they brought a committee to Spain made up of five regional managers to hand over the prizes individually to each one of the 19 hotels in Benidorm that won the said awards. The group was lead by Andy Penfold, president of the federation of the Costa Blanca who presented Servigroup with their four awards between 10:30am and 14:30 pm on 28 April.

The continual refurbishments and up-grades in the hotel establishments that make up the Servigroup hotel chain in Spain is in keeping with the groups business philosophy of always striving to offer the best possible quality in  their product. The group has received many prizes for their hotels in Spain from all of the most prestigious tour operators like Thomson, First Choice, Air Tours and Jet Air among others.The group has also received multiple awards from the Minister of ...Click to read more about Benidorm Hotels

Meliá Benidorm

hotels-benidorm-meliaThis four-star hotel, part of the Meliá group, is situated in a garden measuring 9500m2 and is only 500 meteres from the beach in Benidorm on the Costa Blanca in Spain. It has 520 double rooms, 4 junior suites and two suites with round baths and massage showers. All bathrooms have hair-dryers and all rooms have heating/air-conditioning, satellite TV, telephone with direct access to the internet, radio, mini-bar and safe. There is a restaurant called El Curt and a café with terrace called El Moralet. The pub is called El Albar and has live music. Two swimming pools form a lagoon in the magnificent garden. There is also a kid’s pool. There is a wellness centre with gym, 2 saunas and 2 jacuzzis. There is aslo a hairdressers and shopping centre. There are some 2500m2 of meeting-rooms, all with natural light and capacity for between 20 and 1000 people. This Benidorm hotel caters for work dinners and formal evening dinner parties.

The hotel is situated in the Avenida Severo Ochoa, Benidorm....Click to read more about Benidorm Hotels