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Hosbec releases hotel performance figures for Benidorm

The hotels of Benidorm closed 2012 with an annual average occupancy of 78.6% according to the Hotel Association of Benidorm and the Costa Blanca (Hosbec). This represents a decrease of some 1.4 percent over the previous year, with the worst results occurring during the last quarter of the year, especially from late October on. Up until the last quarter of 2012 the average occupancy rate stood at very similar levels to the previous year, yet during the second half of December hotel occupancy rates came in at 63.3 percent, or 1.2 percent below the figure recorded in 2011.

The President of Hosbec, Toni Mayor, said that during the New Year’s Eve weekend most of the hotels in Benidorm were fully booked, achieving the highest hotel occupancy rate anywhere in Spain, even outdoing the traditional snow destinations. During the last two weeks of the year 49.7 percent of guests staying in Benidorm hotels were Spanish. Guests from foreign markets, which represented 50.3 percent of the total, showed a slight growth of tourists from Belgium, Holland and Russia. British guests maintained the same levels of overnight stays as in 2011 and represented some 40.3 percent of all stays during the last two weeks of 2012. During the same period 4.1 ...Click to read more about Benidorm Hotels

Benidorm hotels to benefit from summer festival

The hotels in Benidorm are sure to benefit from the latest edition of the Low Cost festival which will be held in the town between the 21 and 23 July this summer. The singer Mika is the latest addition to the list of over 50 acts that will participate in the festival. This will be Mika’s only concert in Spain this year and during the Low Cost festival he will sing songs from his latest album ‘The Boy Who Knew Too Much’ as well as his successful previous one ‘Life in Cartoon Motion’.

Over 50 national and international acts which will perform over three days of concerts on three different stages during the Benidorm festival. Some of the bands who are participating are, among others, Mando Diao, Klaxons, Crystal Castles, Vetusta Morla, Cut Copy, Ok Go, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Steve Aoki, Love of Lesbian, Eli Paperboy Reed y Fangoria.

The musical event aims to continue the urban spirit which was born in Benidorm the second time the festival was held in 2010. This year there will be a change of location and the event will move to the Benidorm municipal sports area in the Playa de Levante allowing the organisers to expand the capacity from the ...Click to read more about Benidorm Hotels

Occupancy rates in Benidorm hotels increase 20%

The hotels in Benidorm experienced an increase in their occupancy levels of around 20 percent last month compared to last year according to the Association of Hoteliers in Benidorm and the Costa Blanca, HOSBEC. The professional body also informed us that occupancy rates in apartment complexes in the Benidorm area recorded a rise of 13.5 percent in April when compared to the same month in 2010 and ended the month with average occupancy levels of 74.7 percent.

HOSBEC put these increases mainly down to the fact that Easter fell in April this year whereas the holiday was in March last year, and also last year in April Benidorm suffered badly due to the airline crisis caused by the eruption of the Icelandic volcano. Nevertheless, the Benidorm hotel association stated that these figures show that “the volume of occupation levels are showing signs of a significant recovery”.

The data on apartments, which come from over 10,000 establishments belonging to HOSBEC, reveal tourism from the UK to be the main source of the increase. Guests from the UK made up nearly 60 percent of the total customers staying in Benidorm apartments in April, followed by the Dutch, whose numbers actually fell by some 4.7 percent from last year.

As for the ...Click to read more about Benidorm Hotels

Best winter for Benidorm hotels since 2005

The hotels in Benidorm closed February with average occupancy levels of 72.2 percent which represents an increase of 8.5 percent in relation to the same period in 2010. Despite being historically a bad month for tourism, February ended with excellent results for the hotels in Benidorm this year. The hotel association in this part of Spain, Hosbec, recently released data concerning occupation levels which confirmed this winter as the best in terms of volume of guests staying in the hotels of Benidorm since 2005.

One of the key factors in explaining the increase in the amount of overnight stays in the hotels of Benidorm is the performance of the national market in Spain. In February the hotels of Benidorm reversed a historical trend and for the first time in ages the number of Spanish tourists was higher than the amount of guests arriving from abroad. According to the Hosbec data, 54 percent of hotel guests came from other areas of Spain whilst the number of foreign guests was relegated to 46 percent. In this regard it is also worth noting that the British market also showed signs of losing its position as the main source of income for the city during the low season and, according to the statistics ...Click to read more about Benidorm Hotels

Benidorm hotels improve occupancy rates in August

According to the Hotel Association of Benidorm and the Costa Blanca (HOSBEC), hotels in Benidorm achieved occupancy levels of very near 90 percent during the month of August this year. This means, therefore, that the hotels in this part of Spain improved their occupancy rates by three percentage points more than was achieved in the same month last year.

More specifically, the information recorded in the report by HOSBEC shows occupancy rates of 89.7 percent in the four star hotels of the area, 88.9 percent in the three star hotels and 88.8 percent in the two star hotels. The report also shows that the majority of guests who stayed in hotels in Benidorm in the month of August came from the domestic market in Spain which accounted for 58.2 percent of the total. The rest of the guests staying in the hotels of Benidorm came mainly from various European countries. The great majority of foreign guests came from the UK with Brits accounting for some 27.4% of the total. 5.1% of guests who stayed in hotels in the area in August came from Portugal, 3.0% from Belgium and the remainder of visitors came mainly from the Netherlands, France and Germany. Tourists from Eastern European countries account for a ...Click to read more about Benidorm Hotels

Cool reception for Disney-type hotel in Benidorm

Terra Mítica, the famous theme park located on the east coast of Spain, has been open for eleven years now in Benidorm. The management of the park is currently considering different approaches to increasing their revenue streams and one proposal is the construction in Spain of a themed hotel like those located in Disneyland Paris, in the hope that this type of hotel will attract a new type of tourist to the park.

Terra Mítica carried out several market research studies in Spain over the past three months and reached the conclusion that there is a potential market for the project, as a lot of the customers who visit the theme park would like to enjoy the comfort of staying in a quality hotel without having to leave the park.

Several directors of Terra Mítica, including the Operations Manager, have held some preliminary meetings with both the owners and senior management of several hotel groups from Benidorm, Alicante and other areas of Spain. The idea is to build a hotel of more than 100 rooms within the park. However, it appears the proposal has already been rejected by several of the major hotel chains in Spain with none of them prepared either to make the investment necessary to ...Click to read more about Benidorm Hotels

New charming hotel opens in Benidorm

The mayor of Benidorm, Agustín Navarro, has officially opened the first of the hotels in Benidorm to be classified as a “hotel with charm”.  The hotel is located in the old part of the town of  Benidorm in Spain.  At the opening ceremony, the mayor praised the initiative of the young entrepreneur for launching this new type of hotel in Spain. According to the mayor this marks the opening of a door to the future of the hotel business in Spain and the town, by promoting Benidorm as a high quality tourist destination for visitors and by increasing the hotel offering of the city.

The business woman who owns the establishment has converted an old unoccupied four bedroom building in Spain into a charming small hotel with only 17 bedrooms, which aims to provide high quality service for selected guests.

The project started in Spain a year ago and after several renovations the establishment has become a modern charming hotel.  The walls are decorated with images of Benidorm in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, all taken by a local photographer.

Fetiche hotel is located in a pedestrian area very close to all the restaurants and shops in the heart of Benidorm, and one of the best beaches in Spain ...Click to read more about Benidorm Hotels

Benidorm hotels reached 85 % occupancy in June

Hotels in Benidorm improved their occupancy rates on 2009 during the second half of June this year and thereby recorded an overall occupancy rate of some 85.40 percent in the last two weeks. This meant that the overall monthly average for June was 82.3 percent, which is half a point less than last year. This means that the first two weeks of the month were still slower than in 2009, according to Hotel Association of Benidorm and the Costa Blanca.

A report from the hotel association reveals that national tourists from Spain represent 48.4 percent of the occupancy levels recorded in the hotels in Benidorm in June, and 51.2 percent of guests came from abroad. Among these foreigners, Britain remains the largest source of tourists with 38.4 percent. The hotel association indicated that this confirms the stabilization of sales in the UK compared with other periods of the year when the British tourism market fell between 20 to 25 percent.

Figures for occupancy rates in the second half of June show the same results as in the first half of the month as far as the type of accommodation is concerned. Two-star hotels were those with the highest occupancy rates reaching 92.6 percent, while three star establishments achieved 86.1% and ...Click to read more about Benidorm Hotels

Benidorm to focus on 2 & 3 star hotels

Tourist accommodation on the Costa Blanca in Spain increased its levels of occupancy in the past month in relation to the same period in 2009. For the first time apartments recorded a substantial growth of more than 5.6 points, achieving an average occupancy in May 2010 of 64.1%.

80% of tourists who visit the Costa Blanca are organised by tour operators belonging to the Institute of Travel and Tourism.  According to its chief executive, Steven Freudmann,  British visitors amount for half the total number of tourists who arrive each year in the region of Valencia and in Benidorm this percentage can be as high as 76%. In May of this year the occupancy rates in the hotels on the Costa Blanca was 7.4 points higher than in 2009. British guests were the main foreign customers with a total of 16.7 %.

Mr Freudmann pointed out that “the beaches are fantastic on the Costa Blanca, but many of the old hotels in Benidorm should be renovated and refurbished. Benidorm does not attract five star costumers and tourism should focus on very good new two and three star hotels because that is their market. The British tourists who visit Benidorm are not interested in five star hotels”.

In 2009 there ...Click to read more about Benidorm Hotels

Asia Gardens Benidorm hosts British tourism conference

More than 400 professionals involved in the tourism sector in Britain are currently taking part in the 2010 Conference of the Institute of Travel and Tourism at one of the most exclusive hotels in Benidorm. This is the second time in four years that the ITT has held its annual event in Spain and this year runs from 07 -09 June at the Barceló owned Asia Gardens Hotel and Thai Spa. This event is the most important of the year for British tour operators and businesses involved in the tourism sector.

The UK is the single most important market for the whole region of Valencia and last year more than 2.1 million British tourists visited this part of Spain. A main goal of those involved in the hotel sector in Benidorm and the Costa Blanca is to use the ITT conference as a showcase so that the region can recover the 250,000 British tourists that were lost last year. This represented a drop of some 14% on 2008 and many blame the weakness in Sterling against the Euro as the prime reason why British tourists stayed away last year.

Members of Hosbec are confident that they can begin to close the sale of tourist packages for 2011 at ...Click to read more about Benidorm Hotels