Iberostar to open new hotel in Tenerife

Iberostar hotels, the Mallorcan-based Spanish hotel group, will enter the urban destination hotel sector later this year with the opening of two new hotels. According to the company’s marketing director for Europe, Oscar Gonzalez, the first hotel will open in Budapest in August and the second will open in Tenerife nearer the end of the current year.

The first Iberostar city hotel is to be the 50 room Grand Collection boutique hotel in the Hungarian capital and the second will be the Iberostar City Hotel Mencey. The hotel in Spain will be a five star luxury hotel and is expected to open in the last quarter of the year in the island capital of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The strategy of the hotel group is to open ever more establishments in the tourist capitals of Europe and to always locate them in “unique buildings”.

Mr Gonzalez went on to explain that the hotel chain does not have a defined goal to open a specific number of new hotels and instead stressed that the company is maintaining a “steady and sustained growth path” and that each potential investment is studied “in detail”. He pointed to the successful relaunch of the Coral Beach resort in Marbella, which had declined significantly before joining the Iberostar group and which, after the renovations carried out by Iberostar, now shows signs that it will again enjoy high occupancy rates this summer.

Regarding the forecast for this summer and for the rest of 2011, Mr Gonzalez stated that “Iberostar will do better than last year but we must not be overly optimistic as last minute bookings are becoming more and more common”. In addition, Gonzalez said it is likely that customers who are expecting very good deals when they are booking hotels in Spain will not be able to find them in destinations like the Canaries due to the fact that many tourists who normally holiday in Tunisia and Egypt have decided to opt for Spain this year.

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