Hotels lead tourism development in Canaries

The hotels in the Canary Islands are playing their part in leading the recovery of the tourist sector in Spain and the efforts of some have been rewarded with Medals for Excellence in Tourism. The islands have seen an increase of almost 4 percent in tourist arrivals so far this year and there are some 17 million seats available on flights to this part of Spain for the winter season 2010-2011, representing an increase of 16% over last year.

Many businesses active in the tourism sector have contributed to this achievement and the efforts of some during the year have been recognised by being granted Medals for Excellence in Tourism. These medals are among the highest recognition granted by the Ministry of Tourism to persons or establishments that have helped make the Canaries one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain if not the world.

This year prizes were awarded to a group of establishments on Lanzarote providing accommodation in a sustainable manner, the Association of Hotel Directors of the Canary Islands and the Atlantis Hotel & Spa in Puerto de La Cruz on Tenerife, for their contribution to the development of sustainable tourism and ecotourism. These professionals and hotels have invested in the development of tourist facilities that are adapted to new and innovative trends which enhance the welfare of the guests on the islands.

The recovery of the tourism sector in the Canary Islands in these times of economic crisis in Spain shows “The Archipelago” has managed to maintain its leadership position thanks both to the excellent service offered by the hotels and the varied tourist attractions across the various islands.

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