Hotels in Seville for Easter

One of the most popular places in Spain to celebrate Easter is Seville. This year the Easter festivals in the city, which are among the most famous in all of Spain, will run from 17th to 24th April. To fully appreciate the Easter experience in Seville it is worth visiting places of interest in advance of the processions in order to take in the preparations for Holy Week and to contemplate and admire the architecture of the churches and the beauty of the gardens of the Alcazar.

For those who decide to visit this amazing Spanish city during Easter and are looking for the best accommodation available then finding and booking a hotel in plenty of time is a must. As many tourists flock to Seville to participate in this important religious holiday accommodation can be more difficult to find here during the Easter break than in other parts of Spain.

Once in Seville guests will be able to immerse themselves in the local traditions and take part in one of the most popular customs of Seville on Palm Sunday which is visiting all the churches from where the religious processions start. On Easter Sunday the streets are filled with the aroma of orange blossoms and incense as well as emotion and passion.  Various scenes are played out in the processions through the streets. For example, the Mystery, which represents the Passion of Christ, the Crucifixion representing Jesus on the cross, and the Palio which represents the Virgin Mary grieving over the death of her son.

The hotel Tryp Macarena is opposite the Macarena Basilica and the city walls and the main Cathedral is just a twenty minute walk away. At the time of writing, the hotel still has double rooms from 17th  to 23rd of April for a total of €938.70, or €1,145 with breakfast included. The hotel Convento la Gloria is a restored 15th-century convent with a typical Andalusian patio. The hotel has rooms for 6 nights from 17th to 24th for € 1,177 including breakfast. Some rooms have views of Seville Cathedral and the famous Giralda Tower which are only 100 metres away.

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