Hotels in Malaga report strong growth in July

Hotels in the city of Malaga in Spain reported an increase of over 23 percent in the number of overnight stays in July when compared with the same month last year. During the seventh month of the year Malaga hotels received a total of 94,521 guests becoming the city in Spain that recorded the single largest percentage increase in the number of guests. The average length of a stay in the hotels of Malaga during July was 1.83 days and the occupancy rate of 67.64 percent was the highest rate experienced in any month in Malaga so far this year.

The majority of the guests who stayed in the hotels in Malaga during the month of July came from other parts of Spain. A total of 51,334 guests were recorded who registered as living in other parts of Spain and this accounted for 54.31 percent of the total. On the other hand, foreign tourists in July accounted for 45.69 percent of the total and meant that 43,187 guests stayed in the hotels in Malaga who were not from Spain.

The United Kingdom, once again, was the main source of guests who stayed in the city that were not native to Spain. A total of 5,663 people came to Malaga from the UK in July this year which represented an increase of 15.9 percent over last year. After the United Kingdom the biggest source of foreign guests came from Germany with 3,155 individual German tourists accommodated in the hotels of Malaga in July. This is an increase of 15.5 percent over last year and the 7,641 overnight stays that the German guests made in the hotels of Malaga represents a growth of some 33 percent over July 2009. Norway, Ireland and Japan are also emerging as strong sources of foreign guests who are choosing to stay in Malaga and in July these countries registered spectacular increases of 163.7 percent, 137.7 percent and 110.3 percent respectively.

Malaga, followed by Marbella with an increase of 3.91 percentage points and Nerja with an increase of 2.11 points, are the only three towns in the whole autonomous region of Andalusia that have increased the amount of overnight stays when compared with the first seven months of 2009.

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