Hotels in Lanzarote show positive growth

According to Susana Perez, the president of the Association of Hotel and Apartment Owners of Lanzarote in Spain –  ASOLAN, the hotels in Lanzarote registered, on average, over 80 percent occupancy levels during the month of February this year. Overall in 2011 this island in Spain has increased its occupancy levels by some 15.02 percent in relation to the same period last year. These figures represent a very strong recovery of the hotel sector in Lanzarote, which is the main engine of the economy of this island in Spain. In February 2010 the island registered average hotel occupancy levels of 70.35 percent. In February 2011, the month with fewest days of stay for statistical purposes, hotel occupancy levels of 83.71 percent have been achieved which is already higher than in August last year, which is normally the busiest month in the year.

Aparthotels in Lanzarote registered the highest levels of occupancy in February at 86.93 percent, followed by apartments with 82.55 percent and four star hotels with 80.91 percent occupancy. According to ASOLAN in Spain apartments are the most popular type of accommodation on the island followed by four star hotels. In addition, the six five star luxury hotels in Lanzarote reached an average of 67.73 percent occupancy during the month of February.

The statistics in relation to hotels in Lanzarote show the recovery of tourism on the island with regard to volume of stays but not necessarily in terms of profitability. The increased volume has been due mainly to an increase in the number of tourists from Germany and the UK. Many hotels in the Canary Islands in Spain also increased their bookings in February due to the the arrival of tourists who normally plan a holiday in countries in North Africa, but who this year, due to the volatile situation in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, changed their minds and decided to enjoy their holiday in a safer European tourist destination like Lanzarote that boasts some of the highest quality hotels and beaches in Spain.

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