Hot hotel deals available in Almeria

According to data published recently by hot.es, an application that allows you to book hotels in Spain on the same day at reduced rates, the cheapest rooms available in Spain are currently be found in Almeria.  Hot.es claim that, using their hotel app, the price of a hotel room in Almeria will set you back a mere €43.50 per night . This is well below the Spanish average for bookings on the same day which hot.es reports to be around €65.70 and even further below the €88.20 it normally costs for a hotel room in Spain if booked in a more traditional manner.

This means that the discount for booking on the same day using hot’s app can be around 25%, and, as is the case for hotels in Almeria, could be as much as 50% when compared to prices obtained through more traditional reservation channels, where a room in the area normally costs on average €85. At the other end of the scale, the most expensive hotels in Spain are currently in Barcelona and Seville. A “last minute” Barcelona hotel reservation costs, on average, €106, while the price goes up to €114 for hotels in Seville. “More and more the hotels are offering rooms at reduced prices thanks to our application” says Adelaida Muriel, Director of Marketing and Communication at hot.es, adding: “for the summer, and because of the crisis in Spain, it is likely that many customers are deciding to book rooms at the last minute, so it is important to compare prices before deciding on a hotel or a specific destination.”

According to their forecasts, hot.es, are predicting that bookings made during the three hottest months of the year – June, July and August – will represent around a third of all Spanish hotel reservations made this year. If we add September the figure would be rise above 40% of total overnight stays registered in Spain in the whole year.

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