Hosbec releases hotel performance figures for Benidorm

The hotels of Benidorm closed 2012 with an annual average occupancy of 78.6% according to the Hotel Association of Benidorm and the Costa Blanca (Hosbec). This representsĀ a decrease of some 1.4 percent over the previous year, with the worst results occurring during the last quarter of the year, especially from late October on. Up until the last quarter of 2012 the average occupancy rate stood at very similar levels to the previous year, yet during the second half of December hotel occupancy rates came in at 63.3 percent, or 1.2 percent below the figure recorded in 2011.

The President of Hosbec, Toni Mayor, said that during the New Year’s Eve weekend most of the hotels in Benidorm were fully booked, achieving the highest hotel occupancy rate anywhere in Spain, even outdoing the traditional snow destinations. During the last two weeks of the year 49.7 percent of guests staying in Benidorm hotels were Spanish. Guests from foreign markets, which represented 50.3 percent of the total, showed a slight growth of tourists from Belgium, Holland and Russia. British guests maintained the same levels of overnight stays as in 2011 and represented some 40.3 percent of all stays during the last two weeks of 2012. During the same period 4.1 percent of guests were from Belgium, 3.5 percent were Dutch, 0.9 percent were French and 0.2 percent were from Russia and other Eastern European countries. As far as theĀ various hotel categories go, four-star hotels experienced occupancy rates of 57.8 percent, three-star establishments achieved 69.9 percent and occupancy levels in two-star hotels were 62.3 percent.

According to the President of Hosbec, the occupancy forecast for the first half of January 2013 is for 52.2 percent and Mr Mayor confirmed that advanced bookings for February, March and April are increasing every day and he said he was confident that the occupancy rate would increase further from the second half of January on.

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