Haute cuisine at ABaC hotel Barcelona

Last November the restaurant at the ABaC Hotel in Barcelona received a second Michelin star. This five-star Barcelona hotel is an excellent example of a hotel that is able to combine good taste with precision, luxury and simplicity.

The ABaC Restaurant & Hotel is a perfect choice for enjoying a weekend trip to Barcelona. The hotel is located right at the start of Tibidabo Avenue, one of the most popular areas of Barcelona. Surrounded by the Tamarita gardens and overlooking Kennedy Plaza, the location fits perfectly with the hotel’s concept of exclusivity.

The hotel is the product of the integration of two buildings, the legendary former U.S. Consulate and another building with contemporary design by the architect Antoni de Moragas. The hotel is renowned for its elegant features and tranquil atmosphere. White and cream decor with exclusive furniture and quality fabrics are the basic ingredients, although the final result is also thanks to the use of lighting which is capable of providing a special intimacy. The rooms are spacious and luxuriously equipped with large windows overlooking the gardens and some come with magnificent terraces.

The hotel has a spa reminiscent of ancient Roman baths. It was built in a quiet area illuminated by skylights, allowing the passage of natural light that is reflected in the back wall of natural stone. There is a wide range of treatments available, including stimulation or relaxation therapies.

The gourmet restaurant deserves a special mention. Jordi Cruz, the head chef, has several Michelin stars, including the two at the AbaC, and he previously was named chef of the Year in 2006. He is the youngest Spanish chef to achieve a star from this bible of gastronomy. The restaurant at the ABaC has capacity for 56 people, who can peer into its magnificent kitchen of 200 square meters and personally see how the chef and his team work.

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