Grand Hotel Mencey reopens in Tenerife

The Grand Hotel Mencey has re-opened its doors in Santa Cruz de Tenerife after two years of continuous renovations. In addition to a complete remodelling of the facade, all the rooms and common areas, the main innovation of the new Iberostar Grand Hotel Mencey is its spa. The spa is more than 2,000 square meters surrounded by gardens where guests can enjoy a full thermal circuit as it is equipped with Turkish baths, cold pool, jacuzzi and a thermal pool. Guests will benefit from a 50 percent discount rate when using the spa facilities.

Rooms rates vary depending on the day of the week, but it will usually be cheaper at weekends to stay in this Tenerife hotel. For a standard room, Monday to Thursday, the average price is €130 per night. For Friday, Saturday and Sunday the rate goes down to around €105, if we book far enough in advance. There are a total of 52 junior and executive suites in the whole complex with prices ranging from €375 to €575 per night. The most exclusive room in the complex is the royal suite available for around €1,000 per night.

According to the hotel manager, David Cañibano, the hotel has already opened its doors to the first guests and is now fully operational although the work will continue in the coming weeks with a view to completing final touches which could last until the day of the official opening this month.

President of the tourist association of Tenerife, Ricardo Melchior, attended the opening of the Iberostar Mencey and stated that the renovation of this Tenerife hotel is “an extraordinary piece of work that has succeeded in bringing back a comfortable and beautiful building to its former glory”. Throughout the tour of the facilities of the complex he praised the murals displayed in many rooms and halls and stressed that “they are part of Tenerife’s cultural heritage.” He also stated that city regained “one of its jewels” after two years of renovation and an investment of some €40 million.

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