Code of Practice approved for Madrid hotels

The growth of the tourism market in Madrid in recent years has made the hotel sector in the capital of Spain increasingly more competitive. With the increase in demand comes the responsibility of improving the quality of services in order to increase customer satisfaction and the possibility of achieving the ever elusive ‘repeat’ business.

Madrid City Council wants to play its part in the improvement of the quality and professionalism of the services offered by the hotels in Madrid and has introduced a Code of Good Practice especially designed for the hotel sector. The code has already been approved by the Council and will serve as an instrument to ensure the protection of the rights of guests staying in the hotels of Madrid.

The Code is the result of a collaboration agreement signed by Madrid City Council and the Hotel Business Association of Madrid (AEHM). In this way, the hotel sector will be integrated into the “Good Practice” programme which has been developed in recent years by the Municipal Institute for Consumer Affairs. Those hotels in Madrid which join this Code of Good Practice will undertake to improve their business practices in relation to the quality and safety of the services provided for their customers. They will also commit to finding effective resolutions to any possible disputes that may arise whilst guests are staying at the hotels and to actively contribute to practices that promote sustainability and protection of the environment.

The City Council intends to propose to all the hotels in Madrid that they should join the Code of Practice. Those hotels that become members will be able to display the distinctive “Good Practice” quality sign issued by the council of Madrid. The Council hopes that this will bring added prestige and differentiation to the participating hotels and, in turn, will act as a symbol of reliability and confidence for visitors and guests choosing to stay in any hotel in Madrid.

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