Bookings double among Barcelona five star hotels

The number of reservations in the five star hotels in Barcelona almost doubled in July this year compared to the same month in 2010, recording an increase of some 87.75 percent. This increase in bookings can be ascribed mainly to the reduction in prices that these establishments have been setting as a way of attracting guests in the midst of the ongoing financial crisis in Spain and beyond. At the moment there are quite a few five star hotels in Barcelona that are more affordable than one would expect of accommodation with their characteristics. A data analysis firm, The Data Republic, recently produced a study of the profiles of clients of five star hotels in Barcelona. The analysis was based on more than 6,000 web user reviews and revealed that the profile of the majority of guests of five star Barcelona hotels are young couples. This group, by far, makes the majority of reservations in these establishments. In relation to hotel choices, those establishments that stand out for their style, design and art are preferred over more emblematic five stars that are aimed more at business guests and are often located in more remote areas away from the city centre. Preferences also vary according to the nationality of those visiting Barcelona. The Spanish prefer the more traditional, well-known five star hotels in Barcelona. However, British, German and Dutch guests stay mainly on the seafront of the Ciutat Vella, or the old part of the city. American tourists tend to locate in hotels in the city centre, in and around the Passeig de Gracia. Meanwhile, French and Italian guests spread their stays over many different areas of Barcelona, although they tend to stay in traditional business hotels. Among the top five star hotels in Barcelona as rated by the web users in The Data Republic study are the HC Hotel Casa Fuster, the Hotel Arts, the Majestic and the Hesperia Tower.

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