Best winter for Benidorm hotels since 2005

The hotels in Benidorm closed February with average occupancy levels of 72.2 percent which represents an increase of 8.5 percent in relation to the same period in 2010. Despite being historically a bad month for tourism, February ended with excellent results for the hotels in Benidorm this year. The hotel association in this part of Spain, Hosbec, recently released data concerning occupation levels which confirmed this winter as the best in terms of volume of guests staying in the hotels of Benidorm since 2005.

One of the key factors in explaining the increase in the amount of overnight stays in the hotels of Benidorm is the performance of the national market in Spain. In February the hotels of Benidorm reversed a historical trend and for the first time in ages the number of Spanish tourists was higher than the amount of guests arriving from abroad. According to the Hosbec data, 54 percent of hotel guests came from other areas of Spain whilst the number of foreign guests was relegated to 46 percent. In this regard it is also worth noting that the British market also showed signs of losing its position as the main source of income for the city during the low season and, according to the statistics from Hosbec, during February past tourist arrivals from the United Kingdom represented 32.9 percent of all guests staying at hotels in Benidorm, followed by Belgium with 6.9 percent and Holland with 3.4 percent.

Another trend that was also to be seen in the February data from Benidorm hotels was that the growth was similar among all the different hotel categories. The two star hotels remained the most sought after accommodation among tourists during the month and they reported occupancy levels of 79.8 percent. Three star hotels had occupancy levels of 77 percent and the four star establishments reached much higher levels than months previous winter months reporting average occupancy of 69.3 percent.

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