Barcelona hotels record positive 2010

The hotels in Barcelona registered more than 14 million overnight stays in 2010, which is 10.1 percent more than the previous year and overall the city received a record 7,133,524 tourists last year. The president of the Barcelona tourism office, Joan Gaspart, stated that 2010 was “the best year ever for tourism in Barcelona,” and he suggested that even greater financial investments should be made to promote tourism in Barcelona and to strengthen and increase last years positive results by attracting even more major events to Spain’s second city.

The four markets of France, Italy, USA and the United Kingdom are extremely important for Barcelona hotels and together account for more than 30 percent of all tourists arriving in Barcelona. Each of these four markets sends more than half a million tourists to the hotels of Barcelona, spending more than 730 million euros in these establishments in 2010.

According to statistics from the department of Tourism of Barcelona the principle international client for hotels in Barcelona is the French tourist. In 2010 more than 560,000 French tourists stayed in hotels in Barcelona, 13.1 percent more than in 2009. Their spending has also increased by 13.25 percent. After France the main market was the USA, which has increased its spending by 20 percent and the number of American tourists staying in Barcelona hotels increased by some 14.7 percent. American tourists spent about 150 million euro during their stays in Barcelona in 2010.

Barcelona appears to have avoided the turbulence that characterised the tourism sector in other parts of Spain during 2010. Apart from the “historic” figures of last year, it is worth mentioning the solid performance to the beginning of 2011, since between January and February of this year Barcelona hotels have received about 900,000 tourists, 10.2 percent more than the same period in 2010 and the number of overnight stays increased by 17.7 percent, exceeding 1.7 million. Given such a positive start, the department of Tourism in Barcelona hopes to achieve even new records in 2011.

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