Accor opens new Suite Novotel in Malaga

The Suite Novotel brand which belongs to Accor hotels has just arrived in Spain with the opening of a new hotel right in the centre of Malaga and the aim of the group is to continue growing into other cities in Spain. “We already have a project confirmed in Madrid which will have 126 suites, which we hope to start building later this year or in early 2012,” stated José María Musquera, Operations Manager of Novotel, Novotel Suite and Mercure in Spain.

This latest Accor hotel in Malaga opened at the end of March and has 90 suites which is ideal accommodation for both business guests and families for medium and long-term stays. According to Mr Musquera, Malaga was chosen “because of the location of the site and because Malaga is a city which attracts an international clientele, especially French people, who are already very familiar with our hotels”.

The company promotes Suite Novotel as “the only urban hotel containing only suites”, and has a network of 28 of these hotels, primarily in Europe, although there is a Novotel Suite in Marrakesh and one in Dubai. Their goal is to reach 100 hotels in 30 countries by 2015.

The hotel chain stated that they “expect to open Novotel Suite hotels in destinations with strong potential such as Latin America, the Middle East and Africa”. Accor now has a total of four hotels in Malaga, the Novotel Suite hotel, two Ibis hotels, one Etap hotel and one Novotel. “The services in Novotel Suite are of a higher quality than Ibis and Etap and totally different to Novotel. Novotel Suite hotels are aimed at a completely different market,” Mr Musquera said.

Accor aims to have 130 hotels in Spain by 2013 “including hotels already open and those under construction”. To date, the international chain has 77 hotels in Spain under eight different brands – Pullman, Novotel, Novotel Suite, Mercure, Ibis, All Seasons, Etap and Formule 1. The hotel group has another 23 under construction in Spain – one Novotel Suite, 10 Ibis and 12 Etap hotels.

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