A Barcelona hotel for art lovers

The four star Vincci Bit hotel in Barcelona is a prime example of the concept of combining the experience of staying in a hotel with an appreciation of all things artistic. Within the hotel there are more than 2,000 meters of murals which cover all the corridors from the first to the eighth floor. The murals were created over the course of a year by 10 different artists from seven different countries. We can almost say that each of the floors of this Barcelona hotel has been individually ‘created’ by a different artist. This hotel is in fact an art gallery that never closes. It is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The work of artists like the Japanese illustrator Yoshi Sislay, the Italian Lorenzo Petrantoni, French artist Christian Gastaldi, the American Matt W. Moore, the Russian design studio the Dopludo Collective, Mister Mourau from Portugal and Spaniards Alex Trochut, Aleix Gordo, Marta Cerdá and Brosmind are permanently exposed in this Barcelona hotel. We could describe the hotel as a true artistic laboratory. The artists were selected by the famous Barcelona-based interior designer Jaime Beriestain who gave them absolute freedom to develop their ‘creations’. Each artist was assigned an area of the landmark building which was designed by renowned architectural firm Cirici & Bassó.

The work by Yoshi Sislay can be admired in the lobby and hallways of the seventh floor of the Vincci Bit Barcelona. The superb illustrations on the ceilings and walls seem to contain characters that grow and move. The Japanese artist included a game in the work to amuse the hotel guests. If they can find seven Dragon Balls in the work then they can make a wish.

On the sixth floor there is a mural with black and white illustrations by Lorenzo Petrantoni where guests will recognise famous personalities from the nineteenth century to up to President Obama.

The hallway of the fifth floor was created by Brosmind. Colourful elements and characters star in the original drawings printed on wallpaper. On the fourth floor there are optical illusions by Matt W. Moore. A mural of geometric shapes with secondary colours (orange, green and purple) interspersed with grey and black.

On the third floor Aleix Gordo created his own world with spray and acrylic paint. Inspired by the aesthetics of the 50s, Alex Trochut expresses a sense of joy in his dreamlike mural on the second floor.

In 23 days Mister Morau created detailed drawings of cities and buildings representing a strip of buildings spreading along the corridor of the first floor.

The Barcelona beach is only a ten minute walk from this hotel and the subway is just five minutes away.  The hotel has a terrace with a small swimming pool on the eighth floor where guests can have private parties. There is also a gym with sauna and steam room. So, if you want to combine art with a hotel stay in Barcelona this novel hotel may well be worth a try.

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