2010 record year for hotels in Madrid

Last year was a record year for the hotels in Madrid. That’s according to an analysis of tourist flows from the official Spanish tourism organisation in the ‘Comunidad de Madrid’ which reveals that in 2010 Madrid had nearly ten million visitors, representing a growth of around 11.02 percent over the previous year. 2010 can therefore be considered a truly record year for tourism in Madrid in all categories.

In total 9.8 million tourists stayed in the hotels in Madrid accumulating some 18.6 million overnight stays during the year, of which 9.2 million were spent by guests from outside Spain which also represents a record number of international visitors. In addition, we must add that as the capital of Spain, the city is an extremely important national tourist destination and recorded more than five and a half million visits by Spanish tourists. These figures represent a growth of 6.1 percent in tourism to the capital from the rest of Spain when compared to the 2009 figures.

These good results from Madrid even surpass the numbers from years before the onset of the economic crisis and are the best annual figures to date. In 2010 the number of tourists exceeded the numbers from 2007 by around 500,000 and the number of overnight stays in the hotels of Madrid was 1.1 million more than four years ago. The city also achieved the overall highest average expenditure and average daily expenditure per tourist, which came in at €150 per day.

Among the reasons given by foreign tourists for visiting Madrid are mainly leisure and holidays, followed by professional and business trips. Spanish tourists agree leisure and vacation as the first option, although a lower percentage (35 of Spaniards versus 57 of foreign guests).

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